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About me

Nick Tyzio - FOH Sound Engineer

   I've been in love with sound since I was a little boy, when my mother gave me a small hand held transistor radio, remember those?

   I hooked it up to some speakers I had mounted in a cardboard box. wired them just right, and it sounded amazing. I knew then I was on to something.

   I have Recorded Live Performances for a great many Artists either at their Show or at their Rehersal Space and for a pretty reasonable rate too..

   I can be set in in a matter of minutes and can be completely out of the way while recording. This helps in keeping the Artist "In the Moment" rather than thinking about the process. More importantly,

Live Event Recording allows the Artist to Capture the "At the Moment" Energy of the performancely and makes for One of a Kind Recording to put on an Album  :)  



                              "Give Your Music Life"